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Sunscreen - Tubes

Most people buy sunscreen so why not give your customers a tube of sunscreen lotion labelled with your name, logo & message?

If you want 50 tubes for a golf day, or 1000 for a new product release, we brand with your logo in your colours.

This sunscreen is made in Australia to Australian Standards, is batch coded, and has a 3 year shelf-life from the date of filling.

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Custom-made tubes

For 45,000+ tubes, you'll save money if we print your message on the tube itself rather than on labels. You choose the colour of the tube and cap the tube is printed in up to 4 spot colours.

Allow 16-20 weeks delivery time from approval of artwork

Contact us for further details

Australian Standard

All sunscreen lotions are made in Australia and comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2604:1998. They are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration with the Federal Department of Health.

Client Interviews

1. The Conference Room - a gift pack for delegates

2. Dial Before You Dig - using a combination of tubes
& sachets (3'53")

3. Norgine Pharmaceuticals - personalised tubes

Size & Branding

Tube size 35ml with flip cap 65ml with flip cap 60 ml with Carabineer 70 ml with handsfree applicator.
Gross weight 47g 80g 77g 79g
Length 100mm. 133mm. 127mm. 120mm.
Diameter 33mm. 33mm. 43mm 44mm.


This is a guide only, for supply with a 2 colour label. Unit prices have been rounded up the nearest 5c. Artwork is not included.

Tubes of  sunscreen with a digital print label 35ml. Tube withflip cap 65ml.Tube with flip cap. 60 ml.with carabineer. 70 ml.withhand free
100-249 6.75 7.85 8.70 8.10
250-499 6.03 7.30 8.20 7.65
500-999 5.45 6.75 7.50 7.10
1,000+ 5.13 6.48 7.15 6.30

For quantities greater than 5,000 contact us for a quote


Unlabelled tubes: ex-stock
Labelled with your message: 5-20 days from approval of artwork

35 & 65ml with golf ball

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60 carabineer and 70 ml handsfree

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Images & Campaigns

Below are images & campaign details from Sunscreen promotions we have developed with corporate clients.


Coates sunscreen tube

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Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco sunscreen tube

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Swimart sunscreen tube

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Malibu sunscreen promotion

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Lufkin sunscreen promotion

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Komatsu sunscreen promotion

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Plumbing Plus

Plumbing sunscreen promotion

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Invitation to Events

Christmas Invitation sunscreen

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Golf Day Sunscreens

3 Golf Day promotions

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Ramset sunscreen tube

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Personalised Sunscreens

Personalised sunscreen tubes

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